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Day Shift - Line Leader

Location : Defiance, OH
Job Type : Temp/Contract to Direct
Reference Code : Napoleon - Industrial
Compensation : 16.00 USD/HOUR
Hours : Full Time
Required Education : HS Diploma/GED
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Industry : Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts
Job Category : Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts

Job Description :
HIRING IMMEDIATELY for Inspectors of Automotive parts in Defiance Ohio.  

Must be able to stand for 10.5-hour shift

Must have a good eye and pay attention to detail.




Competitive Pay at Premier Companies

Health, Dental, Vision Insurance 

401(k) & Profit-Sharing Plan

Vacation & Holiday Pay

Discretionary Bonuses



Basic statement outlining the purpose of the job responsibility


Directly supervise all CNC operators to assure maximum production efficiency that meets quality specifications in a safe manner as per schedules, standard operating procedures and company goals and policies.


Numbered listing of significant duties, tasks, responsibilities and goals identifying the "what", "why" and "how" of the job  Specify quantitative or qualitative "standard of performance" (goals) for each.  List at least six separate items.


1.             Directly supervise all shift CNC operators

2.             Orient and train all department employees as needed.

3.             Handle step 1 of employee complaint procedure & recommend discipline

4.             Work safely & see that all employees do so.

5.             Monitor quality performance of all operators & correct deviations

6.             Keep employees & general supervisor informed

7.             Attend meetings as required

8.             Assign jobs to each operator

9.             Follow & enforce all company rules.

10.          Fill in as a machine operator when possible/necessary

11.          Set up or assist in machine set ups

12.          Resolve any technical machine problems

13.          See that operators have necessary tooling, charts, etc.

14.          Improve or modify procedures in efficiency, quality 7 safety.

15.          Perform other misc. duties as assigned 




Describe the relationships and degree of contact with internal and external individuals or groups.


High contact with all department employees, Q.C. & engineering.


Required Qualifications :


List the applicable characteristics that are essential.


Walking                        Carrying                                                                 Balancing

                 Climbing                                   Pushing-up to 82 lbs. Up to 50 times per day      Standing

                 Near Acuity                               Pulling - up to 82 lbs. Up to 50 times per day      Turning

                 Handling                                   Stooping                                                               Fingering      

                 Crouching                                 Kneeling                                                                Talking

                 Sitting                                       Hearing                                                                  Reaching

                 Seeing                                      Lifting – up to 82 lbs. Up to 50 times per day                                            






Page 2



Check the applicable characteristics that are essential.


PInside                                                             Low Ventilation

Outside                                                 Low Lighting

Hot                                                        PVibration

PCold                                                    PMechanical Hazards

Sudden Temperature Change                 PMoving Mechanical Objects

Humid                                                    Cramped Quarters

Dry                                                       High Places

Wet                                                      Burns

Dusty                                                   PElectrical Hazards

Dirty                                                      Oils/Solvents

POdors                                                Radiation

PNoisy                                                  PMoving Objects




Check the Applicable Characteristics that are essential.


PQuick Learner                                                 PMental Visual Demand

Spatial                                                              PRoutines

PMotor Coordination                                                                                PPressure/Stress

PEye-Hand Coordination                                                           PAccuracy

PVerbal                                                                                                            PSupervision Required

Form Perception                                                                                   PSupervision Exercised

Finger Dexterity                                                                                                 PConfidentiality

Color Discrimination                                                                               PJudgments/Decisions

PNumerical                                                                                                       PRepetition

PClerical Perception                                                                              PVariety

PManual Dexterity                                                                                Isolation

PCourtesy                                                                                                         PPrecision



Identify (circle) the highest appropriate function in each category ("0" is the highest level).


Data                                                     People                         Things


0 - Synthesizing                                     0 - Mentoring                 0 - Setting up

1 - Coordinating                                    1 - Negotiating              1-Precision Working

Ù- Analyzing                                          Ù- Instructing                 2 - Operating/Controlling

3 - Compiling                                        3 - Supervising              3 - Driving/Operating

4 - Computing                                       4 - Diverting                  4 - Manipulating

5 - Copying                                           5 - Persuading               5 - Tending

6 - Comparing                                       6 - Speaking/Signaling   6 - Feeding/Off bearing

7 - Serving                    7 - Handling

8 - Taking Instruction/Helping




Level and areas of formal education required.  Other essential technical/vocational skills required but not included above.


High School Diploma or GED required.  Knowledge or experience in CNC machining, programming & math required.




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At a minimum the following requirements must be met before Operator can accept product & be without “B”:

Operator or above Trainer.  Employee must be trained and demonstrate and proved competent on the

following Company procedures


  1.   Inspection & test: 

                                                                                a.  OVL                                  b.  Final Inspection                            c.  Records                          d.  Use of gages


  2.    Inspect. & test status

                                                                                a.  Tag                                   b.  Authority to release


  3.    BMS Non Conforming, Product Corrective & Preventative Action:


                                                                                a.  Status Tag                      b.  Rework/repair                               c.  Quarantine


  4.     BMS 1.6.3 Tool Management Work Instruction:


                                                                                a.  Tool charts                     b.  Tool change/prove out


□ 5.  All job specific work instructions communicated, trained and understood (circle NA if not applicable)


□ 6.  Basic knowledge of SPC


□ 7.  Affects of Quality to Customer

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